Easter update

Hello everyone,

It’s so lovely to get back to normal this week as after last week’s snow and freezing temperatures!

I have Spring in my mind now and have begun to organise classes over Easter.

There are a couple of things to note for both Zumba and Bounce DanceFit.


Classes over the Easter Holidays run as normal, but we will have a change of venue, just for the 5th and 12th of April.  These 2 classes will take place at Lewes Old Grammar’s sports hall on Westgate Street.  The class will remain at the usual time of 9.30-10.20am, but please allow time for parking.  It’s a larger hall then we usually have so plenty of space to bring along the kids to watch etc.

The sports hall is the old YMCA building:

Westgate Street


On Good Friday (30th March)  If we want the class to run it will have to be at the earlier time of 9-10am.  I will chat to everyone in class to get a feel for whether to do this or cancel the class.

Classes over the school Easter Holidays run as normal.  Please feel free to bring your children as we have plenty of space for them to watch etc.

Thank you again for all of your support and I’ll see you again in a class soon.


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