Wedding Dance

I have been choreographing dances for wedding couples for many years now.  My main aim when working with a couple is to help them create a simple routine, or teach them a few basic steps.  Dancing in front of your friends and family can be a daunting experience, so I try to boost the couple’s confidence and help them to move comfortably together.

Dances can be kept extremely simple, whereby I teach 2 or 3 basic steps in one session.  Alternatively I can work with a couple for a few hours and create a slightly more elaborate routine, putting in some special moves and giving them time to practice and feel at ease.

The music is your choice and the level of difficulty is up to you.  The dance is all part of the build up to the big day and hopefully a hobby you may end up continuing together!

Prices are as follows;

£30 for 1 hour

£42 for 90 mins

£55 for 2 hours

(The length of the lessons can be adapted if you have any special requirements)

Classes take place either at your home, or mine, or in a studio by special arrangement (a studio hire fee would then apply).   In many cases only a small area is required.  The routines tend to be simple, with a Latin feel which is easy to rehearse in a lounge area.

Classes can be arranged at a time which suits you.  Due to family commitments, evening classes are not currently available (unless in the Lewes area).  For all other areas I am available most Sundays.  There will be a small fee for travel expenses if the location is more than 15 miles distance from Lewes East Sussex.

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